Hrana nu bombe

In imagine: „Hrana nu bombe„. Sursa imagine aici.

Maine, duminica, 28 februarie la Gara din Iasi, incepand cu orele 14.00  are loc o actiune de tip „Hrana nu Bombe”.

Actiunea consta in impartirea de mancare vegetariana [evident gratis] persoanelor sarace sau fara adapost, dar si tuturor trecatorilor care vor o masa calda. Totodata , actiunea se vrea a fi o modalitate de protest fata de investiitiile enorme care guvernele le fac pentru inarmare si razboaie, in defavoarea rezolvarii unor probleme sociale precum foametea sau saracia . [To put it simple] Daca guvernele si corporatiile ar investi in mancare banii pe care ii cheltuiesc pe razboaie si inarmare, atunci nimeni nu ar mai suferi de foamete! De aici vine si numele de „Hrana nu Bombe„.

Mai multe detalii despre actiune si despre semnificatia ei gasesti pe Hrana nu Bombe Iasi.

Ascult muzica: 26.1

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10 easy steps to create an enemy and start a war

„Anatomy of your enemy” – Anti-Flag

10 easy steps to create an enemy and start a war:

Listen closely because we will all see this weapon used in our lives.

It can be used on a society of the most ignorant to the most highly educated.

We need to see their tactics as a weapon against humanity and not as truth.

First step: create the enemy. Sometimes this will be done for you.

Second step: be sure the enemy you have chosen is nothing like you.

Find obvious differences like race, language, religion, dietary habits

fashion. Emphasize that their soldiers are not doing a job,

they are heartless murderers who enjoy killing!

Third step: Once these differences are established continue to reinforce them

with all disseminated information.

Fourth step: Have the media broadcast only the ruling party’s information

this can be done through state run media.

Remember, in times of conflict all for-profit media repeats the ruling party’s information.

Therefore all for-profit media becomes state-run.

Fifth step: show this enemy in actions that seem strange, militant, or different.

Always portray the enemy as non-human, evil, a killing machine.

Sixth step: Eliminate opposition to the ruling party.

Create an „Us versus Them” mentality. Leave no room for opinions in between.

One that does not support all actions of the ruling party should be considered a traitor.

Seventh step: Use nationalistic and/or religious symbols and rhetoric to define all actions.

This can be achieved by slogans such as „freedom loving people versus those who hate freedom.”

This can also be achieved by the use of flags.

Eighth step: Align all actions with the dominant deity.

It is very effective to use terms like, „It is god’s will” or „god bless our nation.”

Ninth step: Design propaganda to show that your soldiers

have feelings, hopes, families, and loved ones.

Make it clear that your soldiers are doing a duty; they do not want or like to kill.

Tenth step: Create and atmosphere of fear, and instability

and then offer the ruling party as the only solutions to comfort the public’s fears.

Remembering the fear of the unknown is always the strongest fear.